The unwanted guest

Posted: June 7, 2015 in Black Dog

Every day can be a struggle. Some days are good, and some not so good, especially when things aren’t going right for you.

Here Lisa describes the isolation you can feel pretty well.

My Light, My Darkness

a while ago a friend of mine called depression an unwanted guest and I kinda see where they were coming from.

Others refer to depression as the black dog which always makes me think of Harry Potter and his uncle Sirius Black.

I’m not known for being one to mince my words so I’ll call my depression what it is…a cunt.

I’m at the point again of feeling like I have no worth. I can’t get my life in order, I’m struggling with keeping any resemblance of a routine and I’m constantly feeling like a failure.

I’ve stopped talking again. Of course I speak when spoken to, I hold conversations I need to have, but I’ve stopped being my open chatty self.

I know I’m not alone and I have many people who love and support me, but I feel incredibly lonely and it’s not the kind of lonely where…

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