Grammar, Tattoos & Depression 

Posted: August 11, 2015 in Black Dog


Tattoos can invoke different reactions from different people. But no one can argue Lisa’s latest tattoo isn’t worthwhile. It serves her as a constant reminder, especially for those darker times we experience.


My Light, My Darkness

On the one hand I hope my title confused the hell out of you and on the other I hope you get where I’m going with this blog post.

About a month ago I heard about Project Semicolon where people were getting tattoo’s of a semicolon in recognition of the struggles people face living with depression, anxiety, self-harm and suicidal thoughts. I loved it instantly and as anyone who has read my blog regarding my journey through life with depression and anxiety will know, this was something I indentified with immensely.

At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get the tattoo myself. I’ve never been one to follow the crowd, but all my tattoos mean something special to me and this would too.

Long story short, yesterday I went and got my own semicolon tattoo and I’m going to talk about the three reasons behind why I got…

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