Show a Little consideration…

Posted: August 11, 2015 in BDSM
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I have a Little friend. She enjoys dressing up, cuddling her stuffies, colouring in, and all those other little joys. She’s sometimes embarrassed by her Little-ness, but I do find it quite endearing; she can’t always help it.

She isn’t that way all the time; she has a job that she works hard at for long hours. She pays her bills, and is a responsible young adult (over 21 I hasten to add). But she gets joy from sitting on the floor with her crayons, especially if her Daddy is close by.

It is a much maligned dynamic, the Daddy-dom/Little relationship. It is a form of age play, but there’s also the carefree head-space it puts the submissive into; their own ‘sub-space’. Sometimes the babygirl can be as old as, or older than, her Dom.

I’ve attracted a lot of attention from Little’s and Babygirls in my time, even though I do not consider myself a Daddy-Dom.

So I am hardly qualified to talk about the Daddy-Dom/Little dynamic, so I won’t. Instead, I’ll talk about Bullying.

My friend has encountered some hostility from some ‘Doms’ from time to time. She has on more than one occasion been in tears (she is a sensitive little after all).

“Littles have nothing to do with BDSM.”

“Littles shouldn’t be involved in D/s.”

Firstly, if you have read my article about the difference between D/s and BDSM, you’ll know the first statement just shows ignorance. And secondly, if a BDSM author such as Mike Makai writes a book about Domination and Submission with more about Littles in it than some of the other Submissive and Dom types, then it’s a fair bet that being a Little is indeed being a submissive.

Because of their nature, I suppose Littles make easy targets for bullies. Perhaps it’s a form of age play for the bullies, to pick on someone who acts like a young child at times. But nonetheless, to cause such distress in another person is disrespectful.

The only conclusion I can draw is that if you know someone who claims to be a Dom but bullies and disrespects Littles in this way, then they can’t be a very good Dom, and certainly not a very nice person.



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