Tools of the Trade

Posted: August 13, 2015 in BDSM
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I recently showed somebody a picture of some of the ‘toys’ I have. Although a submissive of some experience, she was a little stunned. The picture didn’t contain anything out of the ordinary, but she was, for some reason, surprised by it.

But her surprises didn’t stop there. I mentioned I had cling film in the cupboard.

That really took her by surprise. She asked me what I used it for.

Like a magician, I don’t like revealing all my ‘tricks’, but she was a little persistent. So I explained how you could wrap someone in it,as you would wrap anything else, and while your victim is restrained, you can easily make holes in it to give access to all the interesting bits.

And then you can just scrunch it up, and use it like rope. Keeps in with the theme, right?

So besides cling film, what other things can be used for your enjoyment, without going out to buy expensive or over-priced pieces of equipment? Here are a few I’ve made up.

Spreader Bar

Useful for keeping those legs spread, you can buy fixed length ones, or more expensive ones that you can adjust.

Or you could get a broom handle, cover it in insulation, and then use ropes to tie your partners ankles, at whatever width you wish. You can also use it to control where her legs are as you take them prone.

High level wrist restraints

How many people have enough space to have a St Andrew’s cross, or even something to suspend from the ceiling? There are kits you can buy that allow you to use the door and frame.

Or you could cut down a broom handle (again) to a little less than the width of the door. Put pipe insulation over the ends and glue in place, to avoid marking the door. Then run cord, the flat variety, around the handle, and create a couple of loops that you can either put wrists through, or use to put something else through to fasten the wrists.

Use it by closing the door over the cord, and make sure the cords are short enough to make your partner stretch a little.


Why buy an overpriced blindfold when you can use a scarf (silk one’s give an extra nice sensation too), a tie, or even rope.


I know, it’s an obvious one. But you can easily spend a small fortune on the stuff they sell in sex shops. A trip to the local DIY superstore will give you a variety – make sure you choose something that isn’t synthetic/nylon; and one that’s soft against the skin, and not too thick – you want it to wrap around small wrists after all.

And it can be used as a blindfold too.


You can go pay over-the-odds for some latex gloves at the sex shop in a fancy box with a kinky picture on the front, showing how you can play doctors and nurses.

Or you can visit your local chemist. Even some larger supermarkets sell them.


Can be used for tying up, or for chastising that naughty bottom. For whipping, double it over – it’s more controllable, and the sound makes it seem much worse than it actually is.

Clothes Pegs

You may have to be careful here, as some are sprung more strongly than others, but they can be used to pinch nipples, the clitoris, or even skin.

Toothpaste/Chilli Oil

Rubbed onto those sensitive little areas, they can give some interesting sensations, without investing in expensive balms.

Of course, going buying stuff to play with is fun too – handcuffs maybe predictable, but they can be fun in different ways, and you can buy different kinds too. But the point I’m making is that kink doesn’t have to be expensive.

If anyone has any more suggestions for some home devices, feel free to post them here. Perhaps we can get some volunteers to try some of them out too!

Whatever you do, make sure it is Safe and Consensual.



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