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Posted: April 17, 2016 in Rant
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I recently was blocked by someone I’d been having a conversation with. Initially I’d wondered if it was because I’d revealed a previous twitter incarnation, and thought they may have taken issue with it. But no – it was because I didn’t follow their partner. The three of us had had a civil conversation, but I apparently broke etiquette by not following him, and that makes me something described by an old Anglo-Saxon word, which is censored on British television, even after the watershed.

My initial upset at being blocked turned to incredulity, and then laughter, over such a petty action.

So allow me to clear things up regarding my simple policy for following people, and those who follow me.

I do not expect anybody to follow me.

I follow people because I’m interested in what they say or find it relevant to me; and I hope the people who do follow me do so because they think I have something interesting or relevant to say.

If I have a tweeted conversation with someone, I don’t expect them to follow me, and I may not follow them.

I have had a few people ask me to follow them, to which I usually do – they have usually something to say that interests me, or they may want to talk about something I’ve written – I am amenable to this.

I have not blocked anybody; if someone bothers me, I will just ignore them, just as I do in ‘real’ life.

I also do not spend lots of time on twitter; I’ll browse through recent tweets, and comment on anything that takes my fancy. I’ll read my DMs and respond. I’ll check my notifications to see who has responded to what. I even sometimes look at who follows me (though not thoroughly), and then usually wonder why they do; I may even tweet one or two of them, if they have piqued my curiosity – but I don’t always follow them… well not straight away.

Reasons why you should not follow me

It may be apparent from what I said that I do not expect anyone to follow me, although I do like having followers. So rather than try and convince everybody that they must follow me, just as other people seem to attempt (and fail), here are some reasons why you shouldn’t:

If you find discussion about mental illness distressing.

I suffered from depression, and as it affects about 1 in 4, I think the 3 in 4 should be educated about it, but not if you’re going to roll your eyes and complain that depressed people should just “put it out of their heads, and get on with it.” (If you really think like this, perhaps you should read this post before you leave.

If you are not kink aware or kink friendly.

I say kink rather than BDSM, as there are some kinks that fall outside the BDSM arena. However, I do like (consensual) BDSM activities, so if this disgusts you, it’s best you stay away in case I pollute your pure and unsullied mind.

If you think I’m completely wrong, but can’t articulate a reason why.

I don’t know everything, and sometimes can get it wrong. But if you don’t like what I say, but are unable to articulate anything more than “bollocks!” then it’s probably because I’ve hit a nerve rather than being wrong. I do spend time challenging myself over my own beliefs, and thinking over the implications, so most of what I say has already been considered before committing it to the Internet ether. If you can articulate an answer, and are willing to spend time discussing it, in an open-minded (on both sides) fashion, then that’s okay.

You don’t like my style of writing.

That’s fine. Everybody communicates in different ways.

You want to provoke a reaction.

Please feel free to waste your time somewhere else. Or even find a more positively productive hobby

I do not fit into your categories as to what a Dom should be like.

That only makes you narrow-minded (in my humble opinion) – real Doms are not controlling psychopaths or fictional characters.


In closing…

I think that sums it up, though I will add to this list if I find another reason for people not to follow me.

As for etiquette, perhaps the etiquette should include an understanding for, and patience with other people; and giving people the benefit of the doubt – not everybody is born an expect after all. If you have not got the patience for this, and will just resort to calling someone names, then perhaps you only cite etiquette when it suits you.

For those who do follow me, thank you for doing so, and I hope you find (and continue to find) what I say entertaining, informative, thought-provoking, etc., etc. If you tweet or message me, don’t be disappointed if I don’t respond straight away – I may be busy in real life.  I do have a life off social media you know!

If you agree with what I say, feel free to like and share this post. If you disagree with something, feel free to leave a comment as to why, and we can discuss it rationally.


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