Domination and submission: It’s a two-way thing…

Posted: June 24, 2016 in BDSM, Uncategorized


I see so much on the Internet about submissives being this, that and the other. Most of it is, as we British say, complete bollocks.

What is often overlooked is the fact that being a submissive with someone means you are in a relationship, and that means not only does the submissive have to be treated with respect, but so does the Dominant. Calling him/her Sir/Mistress does not, in itself, mean respect.

How a submissive requires aftercare following an intense session, is just one of the subjects often passed about. But amongst all that “submissive needs” you rarely see something to address the balance.

So allow me to share a message that carried over a series of tweets made earlier by @the1Tentatrice:

My Sir always gives me the utmost love, care and attention after a two hour intense scene. He will hold me and will not let me move, or speak until He knows that I am back to a normal state. Therefore, it was a bit unsettling for me to see that this time Sir was not His usual self after caring for me. He seemed confused, quiet and light headed. This worried me enough to put my arms around Him, and hug Him tight until He felt better. This is what I now know to be, Domdrop.

Domdrop is rarely spoken about on Twitter. But it is understandable for Doms/Dommes to be affected in this way. The Dom/Dommes exert a great deal of mental and physical energy during sessions and this is also combined with the responsibility of the continuous checking of the submissive’s mental and physical state.

With the amount of adrenaline coursing through their bodies from the session it is therefore understandable that when the Dom/Domme has finished the session they will suffer fatigue and even burn out. Submissives need to be aware and keep an eye on the Dom/Domme after a session. He/She may also need some care and attention after you have received yours.


It isn’t just a Dominant’s responsibility to look after the submissive, but also a submissive’s responsibility to care for the Dominant. These tweets illustrate that very well, and I am grateful to @the1Tentatrice for allowing me to share them with you here.


The original tweets from @the1Tentatrice can be read, beginning here.

The cartoon I grabbed from @imprintedhearts‘ timeline.


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