End of an era; a time for reflection…

Posted: July 21, 2016 in BDSM

I haven’t said much on social media regarding my relationship with my submissive playmate. I don’t feel the need to share/flaunt our relationship, and I don’t require gratification or affirmation of our relationship from other people; all I needed was our time together.

Sadly, that time has come to an end. We are friends, and will continue to collaborate on a couple of projects we started, but the D/s relationship is over.

We both knew this time would come, for reasons I won’t explain. But from the outset we’d agreed on a mutual exploration of my Domination and her submission.

We tried lots of different things, some she wanted to try, others I wanted to try; always in a consensual manner – there are still things I would like to do, but were on her hard limit list.

We agreed on two safewords; one for “you’re getting close to my limit”, and the second for “FOR FUCK’S SAKE STOP!!!”. I hit the first one twice, and the second was never used; that I am pleased about. You don’t always have to be working at somebody’s limits to have a good time – just hanging a flogger over her shoulder created anticipation that seemed to light her up.

We thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company; she was intelligent, witty, thoughtful, and sexy. She got down on her knees for me in the most sincere fashion I have seen; she offered her submission, her service, her wisdom, and herself.

And for that, I am incredibly grateful. During our time together, she helped me to heal; to get over my uncertainties left over from bad relationships. I’d tried a couple of online relationships, but they didn’t work out.

My best friend (the lovely S), asked me to pass on thanks to her for getting me to a happy state again. Her response was that I had done this myself. Perhaps I did, but with her help.

I will miss our sessions, I won’t lie. But with our various pursuits (outside of work, both paid and voluntary, she is studying for a qualification, and I am currently the chairman of a small grant giving charity in the UK) the time we both had available was becoming less and less.

So what now?

I won’t be looking for a new masochist play partner just yet; I am about to change jobs in the next few weeks, and I want to see where that takes me.

But we will remain firm friends. She was the one who fixed the Damaged Dom after all.


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