Cracked Egg

About Me

I’m a Dominant man with fetishes for bondage, discipline and moderate sadism.

After several roller-coaster months my life fell apart and I found myself dropping drastically, contemplating the unthinkable. I felt like I was in a deep, dark hole with no hope of escape. One freezing day, I walked out of my home, with no intention of returning.

I ended up at my doctor’s surgery, where I broke down as I explained my thoughts and feelings to the doctor.

I was suffering with depression.

I was prescribed antidepressants, and referred to a local therapy service, and am undergoing counselling. There is no cure; you have to learn to manage it. It isn’t easy, and support from friends and family is vital.

I still have low moods during which I can be a little self-destructive, but at least I am nowhere near that black hole now.

About this blog

I first thought about creating this blog after attending a local mood management course. There were a couple of hundred people in attendance, and that was just those who could be bothered to turn up.

There is such a big misunderstanding and stigma attached to mental illness. With around 1 in 3 affected by it, people need to be educated about what it is. I’m no expert, but I hope some of my experiences and insights may help someone who feels that they have the whole world against them, by letting them know, they’re not the only one.

As for BDSM, I wanted to set the record straight. Contrary to the abuse outlined in a certain popular book and film, BDSM is really about safe and consensual relationships. Respect is always key.


You can follow me on Twitter @TheDamagedDom

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