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I recently was blocked by someone I’d been having a conversation with. Initially I’d wondered if it was because I’d revealed a previous twitter incarnation, and thought they may have taken issue with it. But no – it was because I didn’t follow their partner. The three of us had had a civil conversation, but I apparently broke etiquette by not following him, and that makes me something described by an old Anglo-Saxon word, which is censored on British television, even after the watershed.

My initial upset at being blocked turned to incredulity, and then laughter, over such a petty action.

So allow me to clear things up regarding my simple policy for following people, and those who follow me.

I do not expect anybody to follow me.

I follow people because I’m interested in what they say or find it relevant to me; and I hope the people who do follow me do so because they think I have something interesting or relevant to say.

If I have a tweeted conversation with someone, I don’t expect them to follow me, and I may not follow them.

I have had a few people ask me to follow them, to which I usually do – they have usually something to say that interests me, or they may want to talk about something I’ve written – I am amenable to this. (more…)


Sympathy, and the Inverse Square law

Posted: November 13, 2015 in Rant

I recently bumped to an old friend and discovered she was recovering from having a brain tumour removed. I didn’t know about until I saw her, and one of our friends, who’d also not seen her in a while asked why she hadn’t put anything on Facebook. Her reply made perfect sense to me.

She didn’t want lots of people giving faux sympathy.

She knew that her condition would attract lots of people sending messages, publicly, saying how sorry they were, etc., yet in reality, only a few would be genuine in their support, offering their time to help her through.  (more…)