Sex and Drugs and Mental Health

Posted: October 19, 2015 in Black Dog

DrugsTonight I had to refill my little boxes with my drugs for the week. I’m normally pretty good at remembering to take them, but that’s because each week, if fill up the little blue boxes with the pills I am due to take.

Occasionally I’ve forgotten to fill the boxes, and consequently not taken my medicine for a day or two. but this isn’t the point I want to make.

Some of you will recognise one particular drug there – a low-level antidepressant. Those who are unfamiliar with the black dog illness may think that’s it, I’m being treated, end of story.

Sadly, it isn’t that simple.

Let me first explain what some of the other drugs are for.

Some are over the counter. I suffer from allergies, having almost constant rhinitis. Nothing to do with being a pachyderm, or having the horn; it is a severe inflammation within the nasal passages. Dust, animal hair, pollen, and then catching colds in winter means it’s a constant battle. So I have antihistamines daily, sometimes twice daily, and a steroid nasal spray to try to keep things under control. About this time of year, when the weather changes, I tend to develop respiratory problems following colds which develop into chest infections. The inhaler (the circular thing) is to put steroids into my lungs to strengthen them against this happening. I will be taking high doses of vitamin C for a while to stop my immune system from dropping. I also take multivitamins to counter any drops that may occur due to being exposed to colds and flu.

This is not my entire regime, but I am on fewer drugs now than I was twelve, or eighteen months ago.

But taking drugs have side effects. Loss of appetite, nausea, dizziness, tiredness, forgetfulness… these are all possible side-effects of some of my drugs. But there is one side-effect which can be counter-effective.

The side-effect is not a physical one, but a mental one. And in some instances it seems counter-intuitive. But the side effect is this:

Taking drugs can cause depression.

I am referring to prescription drugs, of course. And not necessarily long-term use. But having to take drugs, even antidepressants, can be depressing in itself.

Ironic, isn’t it?

The fact that you are reliant on taking medicines to stay healthy(ish), can seriously mess with your noodle.

So how do we get better?

Well first off, there’s no cure for depression; you just have to learn to manage it. But a healthy diet, regular exercise (we’ve had the drugs, now here’s the sex!), a positive routine (such as remembering to take your medicine), and quality sleep helps.

Speaking of sleep, it is way past my bed time.

Good night all; Sweet Dreams!



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